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SOP (Serving Other People)


Place: Open Hand Atlanta, 181 Armour Dr NE Atlanta, GA 30324


Note* You must choose to participate in either two days or one day. First come first serve! Registration due date is June 19 (Wed).

Once you register at this website, you will receive an email about the instruction of volunteer registration at the website of Open Hand Atlanta.


Day 1 (July 1): Afternoon Meal Packing

- Departure Time: 12 PM @ church 

- Arrival Time: 5 PM @ church


Day 2 (July 2): Morning Meal Packing

- Departure Time: 7:30 AM @ church

- Arrival Time: 1:00 PM @ church

Sign Up

* You should sign up for each day if you will participate in the event for two days.

Thanks for submitting!

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